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Onathappan , wood  Pyramid for Onam, Onathappan for Athapookalam 

Onathappan is a Wood  pyramid structure with four faces and a flat top used during Onam celebrations symbolizes Thrikkakara Appan or Thrikakkarappan. This unique structure represents Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. For some people, the pyramid represents both King Maveli and Vishnu. It is also referred to as Onathappan. Thrikkakara Appan structure or Onathappan is made using clay or mud and generally, it has four faces with a flat top. In some places, the structure is in the shape of a cone

Dimensions of Onathappan,wood Pyramid for Onam, Onathappan for Athapookalam

Pack of wood Pyramid - 3 Per Box 


  • Total Weight - 450gm - 500gm
  • Height - 23 - 25 cm
  • Base width - 2 - 3cm


  • Total Weight - 350gm - 450gm
  • Height - 18 - 19cm
  • Base width - 2 - 3cm