Handmade Hanging Bamboo Ceiling Lamp (Burnish Brown) - Set of 2

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Brand: Village India

Color: Burnish Brown


  • ✔️HANCRAFTED BEAUTY : Guranteed Unmatched quality. The product is 100 % Handmade by skilled workmen. We urge our customers to feel proud of the Unique and Rare Handicrafts. The workmanship needs to be appeciated. The toils of the skilled artisans can be understood by the touching and feeling the ambience of the light. It is not like cheap machine made lights with improper finishing. Tried and loved by thousands of people.
  • ✔️VALUE OF DESIGN - This light is surely not for someone who doesn't understand the value of Handicrafts as Crafty Nation's ceiling lights are made by artisans of immense talent and potential, Please don't confuse it with cheap machine made stuff which could never be compared with ours, made of premium quality Cane , Which adds more crisp to the lamps and makes the lighting ambiance warm and jolly. Not a single part of the product is made in machine.
  • ✔️DECORATION - Best suited for Dinning Room , Living Room ,Corrido, Asile , Bar , Resturant, Coffee
  • ✔️SPECIFICATION - It takes around 6 working hours for a skilled workmen to design the lamp perfectly and bringing in all the detailing . Hence , it will be a prized possession for you .
  • ✔️ECO-FRIENDLY - The lamp is made of natural cane from our cultivation and is not processed with any type of chemicals,only pure wood burnish is used , which gives it the most unique and lasting looks .


( Now Comes with Folder and Wires for more convinient installation, now you don't have to run to an electrical shop )

Design Your Home Like Never Before With Crafty Nation's Hanging Lights Shade.
The BEST and The Most Premium Indoor Lightings , designed with premium finishing and natural raw materials which will leave your guests and friends astonished.
Give Your Home The Look , You Always Wanted.
These Hanging Lamps Made Of Premium Cane Bamboo Which is Durable as Well as Stylish. All the components of the lamp is fully handmade and not by any machine. Its consists of a cane frame to give it more life and quality. We made the light free from any errors as we have been making this light since 25 years.
Give a Antique Look To Your Favourite Place .

Decorate it in your most favourite place , and make it your happiest place in your house .


Bamboo is very much like wood, but it's not wood. Technically speaking, it's a tree-like grass that grows extremely fast, making it among the fastest-growing plants in the world.... Bamboo flooring can be as soft as pine and harder than maple depending on the species of bamboo used and when it was harvested

Bamboo can grow more than 3 feet per day so as to make it supremely Eco-Friendly.

Bamboo grows about 1000 times faster than Oak and other hardwood tress, helping in better conservation of nature.

Bamboo is very low maintenance and does not require pesticides to grow, thus supporting Green Environment

In our cultivation we plant 3 new bamboo plant every time a mature tree is cut down, Join our hands in making "The World a better place to live in."