Baby Diaper Bag Maternity Backpack (Pink Grey)

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Only one backpack can pack all of needs for baby, open the bag you can know what you have take or not, very simple and orderly. This Fashion Mummy Maternity Nappy Bag. Water Resistant Materials, easy to clean and durable.with large capacity, contains individual functional pockets,can hold all your essential items for baby care. Such as diapers,milk bottles,baby clothes and toys, well-designed side pocket for the wipes. Advantages: Big Exposure Design ---- Big exposure, Big visual field, opened up the mouth you can see everything within the bag, good for you can take out what you want as quickly as you can. Water-proof and resistant to dirt material. Stylish mummy bag, not only practical, useful, portable but also fashionable. Back mouth design, good for take out the goods from the bottom of bag. Built in special Water resistant bag for wet out clothes, more portable and clean. Portable built in key chain, it is safe for mummy`s key, prevent lost, convenient and efficient. Thick

Country of Origin: India